Many homeowners and business owners wonder how often, if at all, they should have their air conditioning system serviced. If you want your expensive investment to last for as long as possible, it is suggested to have it looked over in the spring. It is the perfect time of the year, as you will be actively using the system, having it been dormant for some time.

Some may be hesitant to spend money on air conditioning maintenance, waiting until there is an ongoing issue before getting in contact with an HVAC technician. But being proactive can wind up saving you money in the long run. Regular services will be substantially cheaper than paying for major repairs or being forced to purchase a new unit due to negligence.

Why Maintenance Checks Are Necessary

There are benefits when servicing your air conditioner once a year. You will have faith in your system lasting another year to keep your home at an appropriate temperature during the summer months. If there are any underlying issues, they can be repaired with out too much difficulty before they become expensive problems.

There are also cost benefits. A properly serviced air conditioner will operate at maximum efficiency, lowering energy costs. Failures tend to happen when the air conditioning system is in use more often. To prevent this, schedule a maintenance check for the spring before the high demand that arises during the summer.

Health Benefits

During a maintenance check, the air conditioner’s filters, fins, and coils will be inspected and possibly replaced.

One of the more essential parts of the system is its filters. The filters ensure the efficiency of the system, and they will need to be in service or replaced regularly. The air that bypasses the filters will carry dirt directly onto the evaporator coil, reducing its heat-absorbing capability. Cleaning the filters will do two things: ensure that the evaporator coil can absorb heat, and ensure that the air that you are breathing in is clean.

The evaporator coils themselves will also be inspected. Regardless of how often you change the filter, the coil will eventually become dirty. An HVAC specialist will be able to open up the coil and remove any accumulated junk. Your HVAC specialist may also point at factors that are leading to a routinely dirty evaporator coil. Debris, falling leaves, and foliage might be causing problems. It is recommended that plants and shrubbery are trimmed at least 2 feet from the coil to allow for adequate airflow.

Regular maintenance will also offer enhanced comfort. An HVAC professional can detect malfunctioning ductwork or a broken thermostat. That way, the system can work efficiently and keep temperatures in commercial and living spaces consistent.

For commercial air conditioners, you may want to invest in air filters that specialise in removing allergens from the air. This type of service will ensure that customers and clients are comfortable and are more focused on completing a transaction than dealing with their allergies.