Modern day spas are considered some of the most luxurious facilities available and with so many offering an extensive range of treatments and therapies; is it any wonder why people flock from far and wide to enjoy their features? Although services offered at a day spa can differ from location to location, there are some features that are considered fairly common.

What are these services exactly? Katy from Advanced Body Image in Darwin, 0828, writes about some of the most regular – and by regular, we don’t mean mundane by any stretch of the imagination:

Professional Massage

One of the most popular services offered by beauty clinics and day spas is massage. From Oriental and Asian, to traditional and sports-alternatives, massage is as varied as it is enjoyable. The great thing about these types of treatments is that they can be booked individually, or enjoyed as part of a group – and with so many day spas specialising in these features, they can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Facial Treatments

The facial area is one of the first to suffer with the tell-tale signs of ageing and in modern society, who on earth would want to look their actual age when they could look younger? How can they look younger you ask? With an effective facial treatment courtesy of a day spa of course! Facial treatments range in type and style, with some being suitable for addressing wrinkles and age lines, whilst others focus on providing additional levels of collagen to the skin for age-defying results.

Hair Removal Treatments

Men and women of all ages are constantly looking for ways to rid their bodies of unwanted hair. Day spas specialise in these treatments and with so many options for hair removal, these features can suit a range of budgets and pain-thresholds. Some treatments rely on high-powered lasers to kill follicles and inhibit the growth of hair for a particular amount of time (often years). Others involve waxing, where follicles are pulled from parts of the body. There are also threading and plucking options available, both of which can help to remove unwanted hair from the body.

Day Packages

Some spas specialise in offering day packages to their clients and these great features can be enjoyed come rain or shine. The great thing about these packages is that they can be personalised to suit the person visiting the facility – and they can also be enjoyed by couples, groups and individuals in equal measure. Most salons and spas will offer options to their clients to take part in the therapies that they enjoy the most and these could be as varied as a massage or a trip to the sauna, followed by a visit to a pool to cool off.

Makeup and Makeovers

Plenty of men and women rely on day spas to help them to keep on top of their aesthetics. These facilities are typically well-equipped to offer the most effective therapies relating to physical appearance; with some specialising in cosmetic surgery and others providing professional makeup application by artists and beauticians.

Body Treatments

There are so many services catering to the body in general that listing them all would be impossible. Some cater to treating excess fat in a way that can help to tone arms, legs and the stomach. Others address excess hair on the body and fewer still incorporate advanced acupuncture techniques and various treatments hailing from the continent of Asia.

These are just a selection of the types of therapies available and we’re sure that you’ll find plenty more by getting in touch with Katy on (08) 8985 6088.