Renovations That Boost Your House’s Market Value

A house is a valuable asset. Real estate is usually one of the surest ways to accumulating wealth. But even the finest house, unless carefully maintained, can quickly fall into disrepair. Over time, unless periodic renovations are carried out, what started out as a few weeds or a broken porch light can quickly scale up. Before you know it, your roof is leaking, the plaster is peeling, fixtures have broken, the garden is a mess and the value of your house as real estate has crashed.

All of this can be avoided by timely renovations performed on certain key areas of the house. There are three key areas that are equally the most important.

Renovations on the exterior

The color and condition of the paint on the outer walls of your house is what creates the first impression in the mind of a buyer or new tenant. The paint on your walls has the difficult job of making your home look good over long periods of time and in every weather condition imaginable. It also has to play a role in different aspects such as insulation against extreme heat or cold, waterproofing, etc. Few other renovations give a house as big a boost as a re-painting.

Renovations in the Kitchen

Another area of a home that is subjected to daily and intense wear and tear is the kitchen. Here renovations are typically neglected as they are thought to be too disruptive or too expensive. But when you put your home on the market, the kitchen comes under great scrutiny, when a potential customer evaluates the house.

Renovations in the various components of the kitchen do not need to take place all at the same time. If you have a main kitchen and also a smaller area for prep work, your stove and oven may just need to be moved to the prep area to make room for renovations in the main kitchen. Some important areas that may need renovations include the flooring, wall tiles, storage and shelving and plumbing.

Renovations in the Bathroom

The bathrooms of the house are the least visible to an outsider’s eye and consequentially one of the most neglected. But damage here can soon cause problems on the walls and ceilings of rooms adjoining the bathroom or below it. Damaged fixtures can also lead to water wastage and exposed wires and water logged tiles can be dangerous. Renovations in the bathroom will give you a safe, beautiful and efficient space that you will enjoy showing off