It’s not uncommon for companies to hear the words ‘business finance’ and immediately turn blue with fear. Sure, these types of loans may have been quite restrictive in the past, but a lot has changed since then – and thanks to new government legislation that protects borrowers in many ways, there’s never been a better time to consider taking finance out to cover the cost of business purchases.

But what are the real benefits of finance for business asset purchases?

This will depend on the type of deal that you secure and whether you applied alone or through a finance broker. For instance, most lenders won’t offer just one type of business loan to their clientele; in fact, the majority will make at least 5 or 6 available. Some may require monthly payments, while others won’t request payment until assets that have been purchased have earned money for the company.

And that leads us on to benefit number 1:


Many lenders are friendly and approachable – and as long as their prospective borrowers meet their criteria for lending, there really isn’t much need to worry. A flexible financial loan can be made all the more appealing when it’s ideal for a particular circumstance and that leads us on to the second benefit.


With plenty of lenders calling Melbourne and other parts of Australia their base of operations, it can be fairly straight forward to keep your options as open as possible. But with that being said, searching for the most reliable and convenient lender might not be quite as easy and that’s why many companies turn to finance brokers for help with their applications; leading us on to the next benefit.

Broker-Friendly Options

The majority of lending agencies will feel far more reassured if their potential borrower can provide them with all of the documentation that they require; but a little known secret is that many of these lenders consider brokers to be able to provide the preliminary checks for a prospective borrower. If a candidate doesn’t have the earning power, nor the credit history to yield a successful application, then a broker might not be able to take their submission further.

So, hiring a broker can be a very effective way to take care of preliminary checks – whilst offering peace of mind to potential lenders. And once everything has gone through, the business will be able to take full advantage of their financing immediately; with options to purchase the assets and equipment that they need, whilst focusing on meeting their repayments to avoid any complications down the line.