Three Reasons Why You Might Want to Switch to Wholesale Paper Bags

We know what you’re thinking… what on earth could we possibly say to convince you that buying wholesale paper bags could be a great decision for you to make. We get it; they’re brown, they’re paper and they’re bags. But come on, let’s look a little bit deeper than the simple definition of these little packs of environmentally friendly goodness and find out what they are really all about.

Did you catch that? The first thing that we said was that they are environmentally friendly. Anyone worth their own weight in salt will aspire to do everything that they can to protect the world that we live in. For instance, did you know that regular bags, such as those made of plastic that we usually see in grocery stores, are actually immortal?

We’re not talking ‘I vant to suck your blerd’ immortal, but in the ‘we refuse to decompose’ sense. Just a single plastic bag can literally last for more than a thousand years. Plastic just doesn’t decompose. Try it yourself. You can shower it in water, cover it in compost, or shout insults at it and the most that will happen is that it might blow around as a result of your onslaught.

So, where do paper bags come into things – particularly those that can be purchased in bulk via wholesale suppliers? Well, this is where things get really interesting.

Pour water on them and they will break down. Burn them and they will catch fire. Shout abuse at them and they might decide to split when you overload them with groceries. They are possibly the most environmentally friendly items in the world. Paper might come from trees, but considering that paper bag manufacturers are expected to adhere to strict re-planting and natural-care policies; you’ll be pleased to hear that for most trees that are used for bags, more are planted.

But wait a minute, didn’t we promise three reasons why you might want to switch to buying bags in bulk?

We did indeed, so let’s dive in and see why we think that you should definitely start considering the potential!

Thousands of companies are doing it

Sure you might not want to be a sheep, but we’re not talking about the type of flock that walks off a cliff at the same time here. These are good sheep, or great companies. They want nothing more than to help the environment and as a result they are saying goodbye to their unsavoury plastic bags, in favour of recyclable, earth-rewarding paper ones. You could buy thousands of bags in bulk, save a huge price and still offer your customers an effective way of carrying their goods home.

Saving the environment

Unless you’re a monster then the chances are that you’ll want to do your bit for preserving the world that we live in. Yep, you could switch lights off, but what about doing something that will minimise the impact of mankind on the environment? If you become a business, or even a sole supplier that exchanges their plastic bags for paper alternatives, you could be helping to reduce your global footprint several times over.

The affordability factor

Yes, plastic bags are cheap to make and sure, paper ones might be a tiny bit more expensive per piece – but that’s why we’re encouraging you to buy them at wholesale prices rather than individually. By buying in bulk, you could spend as little on your paper bags as you do on your plastic ones – without any of the catastrophic effects that so many plastic products propose.

And there you have it. Still not convinced? Then try burying a plastic bag for ten years and see how much of a disaster it will be for yourself in a decade!